Animal Paintings

On 12 May, 2013 by Angelique Bowman
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"The Messenger." Watercolour & Digital Effects  As my animal paintings are often suitable for decorative art in the home, there is typically an underlying purpose to each piece that means something personal to me.  I often paint particular animals to practice good Feng Shui in my own home, so each animal is considered symbolic to bring good luck or positive energy into the environment.  It is important that I rotate my art and keep things fresh on the walls, so I often give these paintings away or sell them for someone else to appreciate after time.

Chinese New Year Celebration "Fish Finale." Watercolor.The Auspicious Peacock










Technique & Medium:  When painting animals, design and placement are more critical to me than proportion or detail.  Most of my animal art is painted with watercolor as I find that the splash technique helps to create movement and interest.  To view my animal art prints for sale, visit my link below:


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